Simon teaches editing at the London Film Academy. Apart from training student on several editing systems (AVID, Final Cut 7, FCX, Premiere) he also lectures on the craft of editing and consults on student projects. Since 2013 he also gives courses on AVID workflow and interface for NBC news.
You taught me so much! I always looked forward to our lessons. I'm working as editor and post production assistant at a production company and its all thanks to you and what you taught me.
                                                                                                 - Lior Linevitz, LFA Diploma Graduate

I cannot thank enough Simon Modery who responded to all my questions and went beyond the scope of the course: not only did he give us the overview of editing history and trained us in Final Cut Pro X, but he also showed us the basics of animation and green screen edits in Adobe After Effects, let us play with sound devices to record custom sound for our films, and introduced us to colour correction and conversion to DCP file in DaVinci.                                         
                                                                  - Julia Mariasova, LFA Student