General Lee Crash
Take The Next Step
music video, 2017, 4 min, crew position: animator
Repossessed VFX
short film, 2017, 8min, crew position: editor, VFX artist, color grader
The World Keeps Turning
motion graphic, 2017, 30 sec, crew position: animator
Parallax Movement
work samples
music video, 2016, crew position: animator
Daily Mail - Star Map
advertising, 2017, 20 sec, crew position: animator
Dog Days - VFX
drama short, 2015, 12 min, crew positions: editor, VFX artist
horror short, 2015, 11min, crew position: VFX artist
Beauty Retouch
work samples
Cinemagraphs - Batiste
2013, crew position: VFX artist
Empire of the Crabs - Teaser Trailer